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Kaivalya, a term with roots in Indian spiritual thought, has one of its meanings, ‘freedom from conditioned existence’.

Drawing from this concept, Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF) envisions creating public system change by fostering competent and passionate leaders who have the foresight and courage to create large-scale sustainable impact at grassroots. 

In pursuance of this objective KEF is working in the field of education leadership and youth leadership, which is indisputably linked to a variety of issues that plague India today. 



Education Leadership

Kaivalya was founded in recognition of the urgent crisis in our current education scenario in India.   Government and Public efforts have made great contributions to overcome this crisis by providing school access to the children.  Today, about 94% of Indian children have gained access to schools.

But despite having access, the quality of education in these schools still remains far from satisfactory.  A few examples of this are:

•    Roughly 50 per cent of children in the age group 7 – 14 are unable to do basic reading or math problems.
•    Only 40 per cent in this age group complete secondary education
•    55 million children drop out after only four years of attending school
•    110 million are unable to read a paragraph of text in their mother tongue

Kaivalya recognizes that the change starts from a single school.  To develop a single school requires developing the school leader.  Many government and public programs have provided training to school teachers, staff, and children; but none have focused on school leaders.  School leaders are the real change agents of each school.  We strongly believe that behind every successful school lies a competent and a passionate school leader. 

Therefore, our School Leadership Development Program (SLDP) aims to train and support school leaders to become outstanding and inspiring role models of their school and community.  We are currently working with about 1235 school leaders. 


Youth Leadership

KEF recognizes that youth have not been given the opportunity to genuinely understand the real problems of our country.  Thus, their dreams and aspiration remain unlinked to the greater need for change in India.  There is no systematic youth program in the country for turning youth into change leaders.   KEF fills this void by providing youth an opportunity to develop their leadership skills at grassroots.  This fellowship aims to create a pool of future leaders who understand the realities of the country and are committed to create a large scale systemic change across various disciplines in the future. 



School Leaders

KEF believes that promoting school leadership is the only way to transform the problems in our current public education system in India.  To create this change, we envisioned the following

•    Start with developing each school
•    Implement interventions tailored to the realities of each school
•    Fostering leaders (School Principals) equipped to take initiatives to implement change in their school
•    Large scale sustainable impact by generating a stream of capable leaders in public system change


Nation Builders

Gandhi Fellowship Program (GFP) is systematically designed for our youth to develop into Nation Builders.  We believe that a nation builder is someone who is committed to impact at least a Million Lives.  The description of Nation builder further expands to make efforts to create a large scale systemic impact by transforming the public system.  



‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ – Gandhiji.

Drawing from Gandhiji’s ethic, KEF’s theory of change is grounded in self-change.  We believe that change is always self and environment. 

When we move from idea to action, fear to courage, apathy to empathy, and from cynicism to belief we are able to change our environment and create a better world.

The focus of our School Leadership Development Program (SLDP) and Gandhi Fellowship Program (GFP) are grounded on this core philosophy of self change or human revolution. 

Thus, school change does not start with the system; rather it all begins with the change in an individual.  Working ground up.  KEF supports in empowers school leaders with this self change and a critical mass of such headmasters bring about the larger systemic change. 

Intertwined with the philosophy of self change, School Leadership or Education Leadership is our primary focus. 

Michael Fullan, an expert in education leadership and school change. His theory of change rests on two key principles:

•    Individual change is both the conception and the driving force for a larger systemic change. The starting point for school change is not system change, not change in others around us, but change in ourselves;
•    School change driven by individual change can create systemic change when all individuals within that system begin to understand and act within their own sphere of influence whilst retaining an awareness of the bigger picture and thus contribute to broader change within the educational system.

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