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Ashoka India


Ashoka is the global association of leading social entrepreneurs - men and women with system changing solutions for the world’s most urgent social problems. Over a 30-year span, they have elected and funded over 2,800 leading social entrepreneurs in more than 70 countries. Rather than building one school or clinic in one community, Ashoka Fellows work at the systemic level, transforming the way children learn or creating new healthcare delivery systems. Ashoka then distills action-principles that cut across the work of these social entrepreneurs and creates frameworks for collaborative entrepreneurship to author larger change.
Aditya Natraj, the founder of Kaivalya Education Foundation, was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2010.


Echoing Green


General Atlantic launched Echoing Green in 1987, naming it after a poem by Wiiliam Blake about creating a better world. Echoing Green aims at fostering individuals who are committed to social change.  In 2002, Cheryl L. Dorsey took over the reins of Echoing green and reshaped the organization into a global non-profit.  Since then, it has provided funding to about 500 social entrepreneurs who have launched bold new initiatives to generate positive systemic change across the world.
Aditya Natraj is an alumnus of the Echoing Green Fellowship.



Harvard University


Established in 1636 and named after John Harvard of Charleston in Cambridge, the Harvard University has, since its inception, evolved as one of the finest institutions in the world with more than 323,000 alumni and 44 Nobel Laureates spread across the world. Harvard is known for its global leadership in education with faculty and students comprising world class scholars. 


Jodo Gyan


Established in 1998, Jodo Gyan consists of professionals and social activists who work to find practical solutions to problems in classroom practices in schools across India. Jodo Gyan tries to take a fresh look at these problems and draws upon cutting-edge research to solve them. They are a social enterprise motivated by the need to find sustainable and broadly applicable solutions to make education meaningful for every child in India.
Jodo Gyan provides training in the pedagogy of mathematics and teaching materials for the Gandhi Fellowship.


Indian Institute Of Management, Ahmedabad


The Ravi J. Matthai Centre for Educational Innovation of IIM- A was set up in 1986 to conduct research and undertake training activities to influence the management of education systems in India. Its areas of research include literacy and popular culture, educational performance among disadvantaged communities, teacher-generated innovations in primary education and the role of teachers’ associations in educational reform. The centre also focuses on curriculum development and framing quality assurance policies and accreditation mechanisms in higher education.
Kaivalya has been associated with the experts from the centre since its inception to develop and fine-tune the Leadership Development Curriculum.


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