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Gandhi Fellowship Program

"Is reform needed?  Is it through you?  The greater the reform needed, the greater the personality you need to accomplish it."- Walt Whitman

The need for reform in the 21st century India can scarcely be denied. We are a country struggling to survive a spate of scams, fighting against lack of accountability in governance and striving to bridge the social divide even after 65 years of independence. In the midst of this chaos and discontent, it has become important to ask ourselves- what kind of nation are we building through our youth?

The Gandhi Fellowship Program has emerged out of this context to create a pipeline of nation builders, who embody and practice leadership skills that are needed in these times to cause social and public systems change. It is an intense two-year youth leadership development program that helps talented and committed young people to develop the skills required to cause positive, exponential and lasting change in society by re-visioning India, articulating problems, and, brick by brick, developing solutions.

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