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Our Mumbai operations started in 2010 with the partnership of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) on their School Excellence Program (SEP) aimed at improving the quality of education in government-aided schools across Mumbai.
We are implementing two leadership programs in Mumbai: – the Headmaster Leadership Development Program (HLDP) and Coach Leadership Development Program (CLDP). The HLDP aims at developing leadership qualities in government school headmasters. Similarly, our CLDP program endeavors to build leadership qualities in block-level government officials so that they can independently use this program in other locations without any external assistance. 

The objective of both these programs is to enable school leaders and government officials to work together to usher in sustainable school change.

Since 2010, the number of headmasters who have joined the program has doubled. There has been a 94 per cent increase in the number of Fellows as well.  Forty government officials are currently part of the CLDP program.  The HLDP and CLDP have facilitated the school leaders in making improved school development plans along with their teachers and government officials.  The relationship between school leaders and teachers has improved leading to significant improvement in staff meetings etc. The school leaders are also working closely with the community members in implementing plans in their respective schools.

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